Choose the specialist with a medical background

AGA is a modern, spa-like environment to replenish, rejuvenate, and rehydrate through IV hydration and vitamin Therapy. We also can get you looking your best with Botox and fillers. You'll feel confident scheduling a Botox service or hydration drip with our specialist because she has a strong medical background. All services are backed by a board-certified physician, and the owner of our spa has worked as a nurse in the medical field since 2009.

Rejuvenate Yourself at a Medical Spa in Greencastle, IN

Enhance your appearance with cosmetic enhancements

Restore your youthful looks and mindset by visiting After Glow Aesthetics & IV Hydration LLC. Our medical spa in Greencastle, IN offers Botox services, Jeuveau injections and other cosmetic enhancements designed to help our clients look and feel their best. Embrace the Fountain of Youth when you treat wrinkles, hydrate your body or lift sagging areas with one of our cosmetic treatments.

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What services do we offer at our medical spa?

Come to our medical spa for rest and relaxation. We offer:

  • Botox injections: Treat wrinkles and sagging skin with Botox.
  • Cosmetic injections: Look and feel confident with Jeuveau injections.
  • IV hydration drips: Recover from your hangover quickly with an IV drip.
  • Vitamin injections: Directly absorb the nutrients found in vitamins with this treatment.

Discuss your health and beauty goals with our specialists, and we'll recommend the best option for you.

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