Make an appointment with our fully licensed hydrafacial specialist in Greencastle, IN

Achieve the Best Skin Possible

Healthy skin can boost your confidence and help you look and feel your best. If you want to give your skin some attention, make an appointment at After Glow Aesthetics & IV Hydration LLC. Our fully licensed hydrafacial specialist knows just how to treat your skin with noninvasive techniques to achieve top-notch results.

The magic is in the facial wand, which opens up pores for a deeper cleansing than traditional facial methods. We'll help you achieve amazing skin by following these three steps...

  • First, we'll deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin with a gentle peel
  • Next, we'll extract impurities from your pores with gentle suction
  • Finally, we'll moisturize your skin with personalized ingredients to nourish the surface

You're sure to love how you look once we're done. Book our hydrafacial services in Greencastle, IN today.

Know what you'll pay for your hydrafacial

The cost of your hydrafacial shouldn't be a mystery. That's why we're always transparent about our pricing for hydrafacial services. You can expect to pay...

  • $199 for the standard package (cleansing, extraction and hydration)
  • $250 for the deluxe package (cleansing, extraction, hydration, booster and red or blue light therapy)
  • $299 for the premium package (lymphatic draining, cleansing, extraction, booster, red or blue light therapy and hydration)

Learn more about your personalization options by speaking with our fully licensed hydrafacial specialist today.