Learn more about our Cosmetic Procedures

Get a youthful appearance with cosmetic services from a specialist in Greencastle, IN

When overnight creams don't cut it, try Botox injections. Set up a consultation with a specialist at After Glow Aesthetics & IV Hydration LLC to take the first step toward firmer skin. We'll go over your health history, then discuss the details of your procedure.

Get Botox for wrinkles and fine lines at a relaxing spa in Greencastle, IN with clients from Crawfordsville.

Receive five-star treatment in a comfortable environment

Achieve your desired look with cosmetic injections. We provide Botox for wrinkles, frown and stress lines and sagging skin. You're in good hands with our team because we:

  • Go above and beyond to help our clients feel comfortable
  • Explain our procedure in detail
  • Are safe and efficient
Botox injections start at $11 per unit. Contact our team in Greencastle, IN now to learn more about pricing.